Dr. Muhammad Farogh Naseem

Federal Minister of Law & Justice

It is a fact that whenever the word Who’s Who is uttered anywhere in the world it projects the visualization of a noteworthy and authoritative personality who became a stalwart professional in a particular field of human endeavor but Who’s Who is relatively unknown in our country although it is undoubtedly regarded as the world’s most recognized and authentic work of reference. It is the leading source of up-to-date information about a large number of stalwarts and professionals from all walks of life worldwide. It contains autobiographical and success stories of people from around the world who have an impact on human life, including technocrats, civil servants, doctors, engineers, scientists, scholars, business tycoons, artists and etc. The Times of London has once so rightly described Who’s Who as ‘a mirror in which society glimpses a reflection of its own achievement.

I would like to see this honor being conferred annually with a view to fill the void that has been created due to our joining this platform with inordinate delay in 2016. This will make up for more and more entries of Pakistanis that we are deficient of and that we need to bring its first publication. I hope the Country Head, Mr. Sheikh Rashid Alam, to heed the advice. Since inspiration is a necessity in life to make progress, it is imperative for Who’s Who Pakistan to have their presence felt in all nooks and corners of the country so that our young generation and higher education students in academia know about it. It would be helpful to hold information sessions about it in universities and other corporate institutions of the country. This will create inspiration in them to do something exceptional with a view to qualify for this recognition.

In the end I would like to express my gratitude and best possible support to the National Council of Who’s Who Pakistan for holding such a grand ceremony to confer this prestigious recognition upon the exceptional ones from among ourselves. I wish the winners of this recognition to have good times ahead and keep doing their enterprising work like before as there is no end to a successful journey. Success breeds its own eminence and glamour which can only be felt by the winners. My advice for others is to follow in the pursuit of today’s successful ones. It is going this way ahead that we can make Pakistan a great country.

Best Of Luck team Who’s Who
Pakistan Zindabad

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