Ishratul Ibad

Former Governor Of Sindh

An economically sustainable Pakistan is what matters the most and Pakistan is on its way to becoming an economic force. To achieve this target, it is imperative that we give utmost importance to our professionals, experts and highly skilled individuals so that they continue to play their proactive role in the overall betterment of the economy. Pakistan is a melting pot of great minds and I believe it is high time that we bring forward so they can achieve international fame and make a distinctive name for Pakistan. Which is why it was a breath of relief for me to know about the first-ever Who’s Who Pakistan Awards that were held on June 03, 2016, at Governor House, Karachi.

I feel that these awards should have happened a long time ago, but to see them happening now is a testament that the vision of the country and the management of Who’s Who Pakistan Chapter is the same. For Pakistan to climb the ladders of success, it is pivotal that the public and private sector work together as one. The launch of Who’s Who in Pakistan is a very positive step by the private sector and I wish all the best to the management of Who’s Who Pakistan Chapter for their endeavors. I would also like to congratulate the winners of Who’s Who Professionals Award and would also like to remind them that we have to work harder together to achieve our goal of seeing Pakistan standing tall among the international community.

The launch of Who’s Who Pakistan will indeed help us put an end to all the negative propaganda about Pakistan. It goes without saying that the Who’s Who platform is an honor for any country since there is no other platform anywhere near or similar to it holding the same credentials, trust or global acclaim when it comes to introducing local professionals to a global audience. The launch of Who’s Who Pakistan is a huge relief because it will allow our professionals to establish a unique identity for themselves. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Who’s Who Pakistan and the winners of the first-ever Who’s Who Pakistan Awards on achieving this momentous milestone. The publication of Who’s Who Pakistan (Book) will not only benefit the business community but it will also help them know the struggle behind the success of renowned professionals from Pakistan. This will give up-and-coming trendsetters a unique insight into the lives of successful people and learn from their stories.

Pakistan is now a member country of the international fraternity of Who’s Who. An institution that has a history of more than a 100 years and the count of member countries nearing 130. I firmly believe that we, as a nation, now have the opportunity to write a new history and carve a new future for generations to come. It is worth noting that nations who fail to celebrate the achievements of their stalwart professionals or recognizes their importance, fails to inspire the next generation. I, once again, would like to congratulate the management of Who’s Who Pakistan chapter and hope that they will continue this initiative with the same zeal.

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